S U M M E R ..   S H O W S.   S A L E .....


S U M M E R 

 hot summers nights. dinners al fresco soft jazzy sounds of crickets and sprinklers 

my garden is my soul searching spot as i harvest   it  teaches me patience

and a place to think in the early morn

seedlings spread their roots like a huge yawn

pruning the tomatoes picking squash blossoms to stuff

the artichokes never get to their full size for they are stuffed or stewed early on


new york oh how i will miss your      everything.     

the memories are as thick as the italian women's accents i would follow     the music on the streets    sounds of my nonna...steve would laugh

 a new adventure greeted me

 las vegas this year it was a good show a creative show full of new and "10's" the isles never disappoint the makers of wonder are bursting with ideas 

a friend shadowed my days and i saw things through fresh young male eyes

conversations  design textiles loss food art concept friends life it was delicious 

i left feeling satisfied and full of wonder never afraid to wander

the gathering of treasures for all of you and yours is my joy

S A L E.       S A L E.      

and now for the last S

starting AUGUST 5.   FRIDAY. we open at 11:00 Rose' at 4:00

our august sale stays for the whole month

fill your gift drawer shelf or closet with magic from Pergolina you will not be disappointed  almost everything 

all for you my lovelies

xo p


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