d a d d y

it wasn't that long ago that i was working along side my father

He was a florist.

a talented colorist, a sculptor, a creative.

Tony.... Flowers by Anthony Rose.....my mother being the Rose

they worked together for 48 years every day

she ran the business made bridesmaid's head pieces and had an interior design company   my father would leave the house around 12 midnight to go downtown  The los Angeles flower mart he knew everyone there was the Japanese side and the American side It was a city i can still hear his keys jingle as he ran  from one end to the other

it was a family business an Italian family... needless to say you did not ask to go out you ..my brother and sister and i helped 

at Christmas i would drive or nino and we would take steven c to help load a truck load of pointsettia 2 trips 

every weekend weddings  bouquets head adornments made out of stephanotis all wired by hand and then delicately sculpted 

15 years before they retired my father had his first quintuple bypass i came to work full time i started booking my own appointments with brides and families that lost loved ones or making floats for newborns  

i would tease my dad "from womb to tomb" 

being a floral designer is not a glamorous profession it is hard dirty long hours on your feet but the joy i had making is something i hold dear to my heart i loved the profession i liked working with tony i loved what he taught me (remember i said an Italian family)

to take pride to step back to give the best service possible an to love what you do everyday because to work with your hands is a gift  these are the tools i brought to   Pergolina

the rewards are instant gratification creating with incredible materials  from all over the world making someones dream come true 

i still go to the market at least once a month and as i run down the isles i hear my keys jingle   thank you daddy for sharing the joy



ps don't ever think that it was all roses.      now i know he is laughing




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