Can you believe.....

It is September 1st...

  on Sept. 3 this is what I will hear "can you believe September is almost over!" said Rose

I have heard this for every month for as long as I can remember

my mom,  mother,  mame,  nonna

just one of her Roseisms

the queen of malaprops

the queen of many things


being a lady

work ethics


setting a table

holding your tongue      her generation was proper

in her 99 years of wisdom she has changed her political views

held the hand of many a young woman looking for guidance

& walked me through the most difficult 2 years of my life without a lecture or constructive criticism!!!!!

She is proud of her 2 daughters and adored her son loves and respects (d) her son in laws and has a special bond with her 3 grand daughters in law

She is strong savvy sassy and smart "can't pull the wool...."  yes rosism

her buttons pop when she speaks about her 3 grandsons 2 great grandsons and 1 great grand daughter

Sept 16th Rosina will turn 99 she is in want for nothing but she loves loves loves cards so if you feel the urge drop here a line and send it to Pergolina 

she will be tickled and she will no doubt say a rosary for you 


grazie my lovelies.  xo p


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