G I V I  N G     &.    L I V I N G

My dearest Pergolians

that is my tag line for my Pergolina

it has so many meanings......today it has a heart felt feeling

LOCAL ART. a show for 9 talented artist was a huge success

and because of it we were able to raise over $4000.00 for  

HEART CHANNELS  a charity near and dear to Annie Potts

"We are high energy people with compassion and our hearts are breaking as we see those that are suffering and struggling. "We are spurred to action to do everything we can to help."

give with your heart

live and lead with your heart

for at the end of the day when your head touches the pillow isn't that what it is 

all about

The Heart Channels provides direct support quickly and creatively to people at critical crossroads in their life

feel free to donate to Heart Channels 

As Always    all for you my lovelies

xo p

Make checks out to:

Charity On Top Foundation

Mail them to:

Charity On Top Foundation

177 E Colorado Blvd. #200

Pasadena, CA 91105


Restricted for “The Heart Channels

A tax-receipt will be mailed to the donor.

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