waste not want not.....give with you heart

I have been thinking of the Ukraine and the children and mothers and families

as I am sure you have .... i want to help i want to roll up my sleeves and help

i have an idea. as i walk i see so many citrus trees that are ladened with glorious fruit 

lemons are a panacea curing healing bleaching.    so

what if

you filled bags with all of your unwanted fruit brought them to PERGOLINA

and we offered them to whom ever for $ a donation and sent that to The Ukraine

.....and then the HOA would pick up whatever was left and take it to the food bank

lemons oranges grapefruit limes qumquats 

march 14th ---18th.  drop off and pick up

let's wrap our arms around PEACE.  AND HELP

all for you my lovelies

xo p



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