Me and my shadow



Last year it was a hospital    the gov. could do no wrong     the city was still

THIS YEAR.... the Javitt's  had  buyers and bugles and bagels 

i took a bite of the apple the streets vibrated with energy humans greeted you masks on eyes smiled

artists were giddy money was spent stories were shared hugs 

tears shed encouragement given 30 years of memories 

a first for the new walk of joy the isles of magic

 this is what i truly love.  

life directs the path i take i listen i feel the hand in mine

i am beyond happy to hit the streets running singing and jumping   i fit there is no doubt the NY lives in my soul

the circus and players are my family of think out of the...clever creatives

 Pergolians  be prepared to find magic  beautiful and bold  silly  sparkling and subtle raw and refined 

we will fill your arms with gifts of delight for you and yours

All for you my lovelies

xo p



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