JUNE....1/2 a year is gone

well that's not a bad thing  I accomplished a great deal and I bet you did as well

I have also learned to live alone this is my 9th month i gave birth to a different me

not new just different   i feel changed calm i can clear my mind and think of nothing making room for creative chaos i love a good mess 

making room for summer and New York I never thought I would be going on my own but here i am with a ticket and a room 

our "workation "making "resies" seeing our wonderful creative humans  who have been friends for 30 yrs picking a play

i am going to walk the isles of quirky imagination and collect 

and i am going to trust without my sounding board that i will delight you once again

with the unexpected  magic of pergolina 

the delightful and silly will tempt you to gather from the shelves 

 your arms filled with bags of treasures all tied up in a pink bow for holiday giving

half of the year is done and i can't wait for the next half 

all for you my lovelies 

xo p


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