shop small businesses week

SHOP SMALL BUSINESS WEEK began on july 1st and ends tomorrow july 7th. we encourage you to shop it up tomorrow! 

in honor of the SMB week we are offering... 


20% off all clothes , 15% off all jewelry , 15% off all candles and "the rest" is at 20% off! 
(some exceptions apply)

if you can't make it out tomorrow... consider these 10 important reasons for supporting local small business every day...

1) Local Economy

Your own neighborhood will benefit when you choose to shop locally. Local small business owners tend to keep more money in the community than nationally owned businesses. They also tend to source from other local business, services, and farms, continuing the local trend.

2) Job Growth

Local businesses provide local jobs. This has a chain reaction effect on sustainability and economy. When people are employed, they have more money to invest in the community. They will not have to commute to far away jobs, thus reducing pollution.

3) Community Support

Local businesses invest heavily in the community. They are more likely to support charitable organizations. When you shop locally, you are helping to support your community through your purchasing power.

4) Better Service

If a small business or farm is trying to earn and maintain your business, chances are they will treat you really well. What is the motivation for a big-box store to make you happy, when millions of other shoppers will replace your business should you choose to shop somewhere else?

5) Environmental Impact

Aside from your food transportation causing pollution, when you have to drive across town to run errands, you are polluting the earth. If your local area has a diverse array of businesses that you can walk or bike to, imagine the potential positive environmental impact. Go green! By supporting these businesses, you will help maintain a thriving local community for everyone.

6) Maintain Diversity

Part of the charm of local businesses is the diversity and uniqueness that it provides to a neighborhood. Big chain stores have taken this away and Main St. America has started to die. Bringing back community supported businesses restores this charm and diversity to neighborhoods and cities.

7) Save Money

Shopping locally can save you a lot of money and time. Gas is expensive, and so is repairing and maintaining a car. Plus, you are more likely to get in an accident in crowded Saturday morning traffic than if you stroll to your neighborhood downtown area.

8) Know your products

Local businesses are providers of services are experts. Do you remember the last time you walked into that large store looking for expertise? Did you find it? What about when you asked your grocery store produce person when something was in season or if it was fresh. Local providers tend to be able to answer these questions more successfully than the big box people.

9) Competition

There is nothing worse than a monopoly coming into town, driving up prices and diminishing customer service. Local businesses keep competition higher in order to ensure the best prices and highest quality service. Your dollars mean a lot more to a small business than a large store. You can vote with your dollars when you shop locally.

10) Entrepreneurs

Store owners are living the American dream, and by supporting them, you are helping to keep the dream alive, and to maintain a strong and thriving middle class in your community.





we thank you in advance for all your support over the years!

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