behind the masks

paulana cuccinello

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  Dear Pergolians, The Goblins of Venice are on their way The magical mask man from Venezia  is on his way I am beyond thrilled and jumping for joy you know the feeling Please join us OCTOBER 25TH 3 TO 7 A celebration in creativity A new collection of masks by the BOLDRIN BROTHERS  my sweet friends   This is an event not to be missed    


paulana cuccinello

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SAVE THE DATE   MIA  MANTEGNA       A R T I S T   Opening  Reception        Sept. 27, 2014       4 to 7   Let me introduce you to my dearest, MIA She has her very own joie de vivre A makeup artist, a collector of rock stars and a magnet for creative souls. She has a fondness for mermaids & tattoos. She loves oysters and caviar.  Mia has traveled far and wide. There is a joyfulness that fills you when you are in her company,  she will never forget you, and you, her. Oh and did I mention Mia has Autism....

to collect or not collect

paulana cuccinello

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dear pergolians, let me introduce you to my talented and delicious friend erin boehme. may 10, 4pm-8pm join pergolina in welcoming ernie to our family. you will be delighted and have so much fun!   all for you my lovelies, xo p.

mich reed laski

paulana cuccinello

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please join us! mich reed laski: opening reception march 15, 2014 from 4pm-7pm   there is an intense bond formed between the artist and the subject... much like being in love- obsession, imagination, a desire to know everything. for me, art is the expression of that bond.   all for you my lovelies! xo p.  

martinis with a twist

Robert Gonsalves

A WING and A PRAYER and A MARTINI   WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE... A WING and  A PRAYER   my dear Pergolians           MARTINIS AND JEWELS OH... & OLIVES, of course put it on your calendar call your girlfriends sisters aunts moms yoga teachers the collection of ARTISTS this year is dazzling as are their creations   and a discount of 20% great nibbles mixologist: Big Dave classic Martini Negroni   all for you my lovelies   xo P.