• new york

    Dear Pergolians

    ....... so much to tell you

    i am finally winding down from a very hectic week of thinking looking deciding buying thinking some more and signing

    i love this time of year i feel like i am on a merry go round a beautiful one i choose a different animal every day i ride while eating cotton candy

    the city brings fire to my spirit i can't wait to hit the streets in the morning with the cast of life i follow groups of people so many different languages when i hear italian i perk up trying to translate yesterday a little boy named massimo was scolded by his mother he gave her attitude his father grabbed his arm he cried i watched as i was waiting for a bus ...then the mother and father kissed him as i rode away he went skipping down the street


    i went to Brooklyn for the day great architecture friendly people wonderful lunch treasures on the street

    i could live in Brooklyn heights 
    the javits is where i walk the isles of beauty and stuff  all day
    seeing items thinking about who might like this or that building a story in my mind where i might put it
    thousands of things from all over the world
    we've made friends over the 23 years, a by chance meeting with CAVALLINI owner Brad P. @ the oyster bar reminiscing 
    friends from LA Japan Italy canada
    We saw
    Makie from NY
    it had been 3 years Makie' remembered steve .....

    this is why i come to NY to look up,to walk the isles, to be inspired, to drink the water, to see friends, to go to Eataly, to have oysters,  a slice, to chat with cabbies
    to think about Georgia O'keefe

    and to bring magic back to PERGOLINA

    all for you my lovelies   xo p
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