• so proud

    "the way to know life is to love many things"
    van Gogh

    Dear Pergolians,   

    So much to tell you.

    PERGOLINA giving and living website

    Our nest is filled with handcrafted goods, artisan made jewelry,decor for the home,for entertaining,for gifting,and of course curiosities that make me smile and you too.

    Unique vintage reliquary. We ask you to come and open your imagination and dive into ours
    That's the giving

    Parties, Events, Classes, Workshops, Exhibits. Secrets from the kitchen,digging in the garden,and things that I love,collect,and dream about.  My circus is open come play sing out express your artfulness
    That's the living

    all for you my lovelies
    xo p

    please enjoy a discount on your first order at checkout.
    use the code firsttime

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