all for you my lovelies

Robert Gonsalves

Dear Pergolians
....... so much to tell you

The Victorian Carte Blanche workshop was a success.  Angela Cartwright and Connie Freedman had an excellent class.  They were wonderful guides through the world of paper,glue,imagination,quotes,bird nest and the tiniest eggs..Everyone left with a fabulous piece of art. we had such a great response that we are doing more classes in Sept. and Oct. We will be sending information later.

Our Italian classes are winding down for the summer and they will start up again in Sept. ciao for now!!

I am starting to gather for Pergolina and  my favorite time of year....THE HOLIDAYS.... so save up your $$$
First stop at the end of July is the lovely COCO from France
I am looking for more wedding domes statues of Mary and St. Teresa and piles of vintage religious and Olympic medals
Also from COCO are the wonderful one of a kind  advertising art on glasses and carafes and you never know what she will bring.

Then 2 weeks in New York, my home away from home.  The city is heaven for me. We walk the streets for 2 days looking for inspiration, magic, street art, camera and sketchbook in hand...Pinterest in the flesh.

meeting with artist, designers, troubadours of deliciousness, the crazy creatives, art talk, a garden of everything I love ...

and it's all for you my lovelies.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         xo Paulanna


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