pergolina's 20th anniversary & echo park pottery designed by peter shire

Robert Gonsalves

Pergolina is pleased to announce PERGOLiNA'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY & ECHO PARK POTTERY DESIGNED BY PETER SHIRE. Join us as we celebrate at our opening reception Saturday October 16th from 1 - 6pm at Pergolina in Toluca Lake. Exhibition ongoing from October 16th - November 13th.

Owner Paulanna conceived Pergolina in 1990 out of a dream to create a unique boutique. She built a shop that is an alternative space, a platform for creativity in all forms whether it be functional, artful, decorative, edible and or intellectual.

Pergolina offers a distinct experience to shopping. When entering the shop one is greeted by a playful approach to display, a varied and hand picked selection of items and of course a colorful cast characters behind the counter. Paulanna is an artist , a treasure hunter and a host. Opening her doors daily to the public and inviting them into her world of enthusiastically collected objects and ideas.

With 20 years now under her belt she greets the future with open arms and reflects on the past as an inspiration.


"I don't remember how exactly I met Peter, it was through mutual creative friends, Peter was making pottery and I wanted to sell it. And so I did. And here we are again...." - Paulanna on meeting Peter Shire.

Peter Shire has been characterized as a quintessential Los Angeles artist, woven into the fabric of the Echo Park neighborhood where he was born in 1947 and still lives. Like Pergolina, Peter's work stems from play. In an article written about Shire's work, the author, Andy Brumer makes a reference to Nietzsche and states that "there is no one more serious than a child at play... no one may be more playful than a seasoned artist seriously at work". Peter and Pergolina share this approach and as a result it is reflected in their environments and end product.

"Peter Shire (b. 1947) has been working at an intersection. Where craft, fine art, and industrial design collide. He has built his career, drawing freely from each area without taking any of it too seriously. He has had forays into architecture, furniture, and fashion, but he keeps returning to ceramics. Like his home and studio in the Los Angeles suburb of Echo Park, clay is one medium he knows he will never leave." - Frank Lloyd Gallery

In this exhibition Pergolina will be showcasing Echo Park Pottery designed by Peter Shire.

Peter Shire's studio...


Photos by Bianca D'Amico.

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